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My All-In-One (AIO) Adjustable Fitted Diaper

I started making cloth diapers when my daughter developed a bad allergy to anything disposable.  I researched and found the type and pattern I liked best.  I absolutely love making something so very useful.  Cloth diapers are just the best.  They easy on your baby’s bottom, easy on your pocketbook, and easy on the environment.  My daughter no longer wears diapers so I get my fix by making diapers and giving them to my friends as a gift.  As you can imagine, I don’t get an overwhelming thankful response.  Usually I’m thanked kindly for it and told how creative I am but the diapers never get used.

Recently our youth pastors wife had a baby and I , in my usual fashion, gifted a set of cloth diapers, covers and baby wipes.  She thanked me and actually said she was wondering where she was going to find some cloth diapers!  I was not used to this response at all.  I told her I’d make her as many as she needed.  A few weeks later I saw her and she asked me to make more! YEH! YEH! YEH!  She asked if I knew how to make a one size adjustable diaper. I was bummed because I didn’t but I told her I’d figure it out.  Here are some pictures of the process I used.

First I had to find my sewing table!

Ok this is better.

Then I dug out my diaper patterns and traced it.  I used the largest pattern that I had and cut out one from a yellow PUL and one from  a white micro fleece.

I used my snap press to place several snaps on the front of the PUL to make the diaper adjustable to different sizes.

Then I folded over the top flap and sewed in about a 7″ piece of elastic on both the PUL and the fleece.

Now place the two pieces together with wrong sides facing and stitch the diaper together leaving open only where we just sewed the elastic in.  Once the two pieces are sewed together, sew the leg elastic to the wrong side of the PUL fabric.  Sewing it onto the PUL side will make the fleece “roll” out when the diaper is being worn, this will help keep the diaper from wicking.  (sorry no pictures of this step)

Turn the diaper right side out and put the rest of the snaps in place this time going through both the PUL and the micro fleece.

Now for the soaker.  I cut two pieces of Hemp french terry 12″ x 14″ and surged them together on all four sides.  This will give 6 layers when folded in thirds  and stuffed into the diaper.

Here is the finished diaper at its’ largest setting.  It should fit a child up to 40 lbs.

And here is the diaper at its’ smallest setting.  It should fit a baby as small as 6 lbs

I’m going to give her the diaper today and hopefully she likes the way it fits.  If so I’ll be making her several more. If not I won’t let it beat me, I’ll go back to the drawing board.


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This weeks menu

In an attempt to become more organized around the house I have started to make a weekly menu for our evening meals.  I then post it on the fridge for all to see.  The kids (mostly my teenage boy) likes to know what to expect for supper.  Anyway I thought I would post my weekly menu for everyone else to see too.  This way it hold me accountable and maybe gives a few of you some new ideas for supper.  I would love to hear from you and any ideas you have too.  I LOVE variety and new ideas are the spice of life!  Here what were eating this week.  (I’ll also try to keep you posted with any special recipes I use)

Monday – Grilled chicken marinated in Italian seasonings, Cheesy bacon potato slices, and broccoli

Tuesday – Tacos and taco salads

Wednesday – Homemade pepperoni Pizza with salad

Thursday – French Dip sandwiches and county bacon green beans

Friday – Brats and Chips (I know not the healthiest option but a girl need a break!)

Saturday – Fish, peas, and potato wedges.

Sunday – Sunday we have this thing we call YOYO.  It stands for You’re On You’re Own.  I don’t usually cook on Sunday.