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The Duck Pond – They do love the water.

I just love to watch the ducks enjoy their “pond”.  It’s a pretty snazy “pond” too.  No really it’s just a kiddy pool we picked up at the Dollar General earlier this year.  Even though we live only about 200 yrds from the creek they still love to swim round and round in their pool.  Just in case you like to watch them as much as I do, I included the following clip.


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Not Again!

So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded. You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised. Hebrews 10: 35-36 (NIV)

When I went to the “barn” (really a chicken coop) to milk my goat, Greta, this morning I discovered that the udder cover (click here for more info on the “udder cover”) had slipped off-center and the little milk thief, Star, had taken most of my morning milk.

Here is the little stinker now.  don’t let the picture fool you! She’s a devious, sneaky milk thief!  She is nearly as big as her mother but still feels she needs her mammas milk.

Star - the milk thief

I do love her, she is adorable, affectionate and very friendly. I just wish she would leave her mother’s milk alone already!

I decided to milk Greta anyway and see how much I would get.  I could tell from the size of her udder that it wouldn’t be very much but I wanted to keep the routine up anyway.  Greta kicked and fussed the entire time I was trying to milk and I ended up with only 1 cup of milk when I usually get over 4 cups.

What does this have to do with confidence?  When this happens to me I find myself loosing confidence.  All the neighbors think I am crazy for wanting goats and absolutely off my rocker for milking them.  My daughter refuses to drink the goat milk plain,.(at leat my husband and son will drink it)  It takes me a good half an hour to milk my goat too.  I’m trying to give my family hormone free milk and It seems my efforts are tolerated at best! It just doesn’t seem worth it at times!

Don’t we sometimes feel the same way in our Christian walk.  When we’re kind to someone who constantly is cruel to us.  When we extend a helping hand to a neighbor only to draw back a nub.  It’s hard to keep our confidence going when we are not seeing the fruit of our labor.  We live in such a fast paced society we  mistakenly extend that mind-set into our faith.  Our confidence should be in our God, not our abilities.  Our lives may bear much fruit but it may be fruit that ripens long after our feet leave this earth.  So,Don’t throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded. We just don’t know to which side of heaven those rewards will come.

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What does a girl gotta do to get a little milk around here!

Back in March we purchased a nubian doe and her two babies from a livestock auction.  After having her for about a month and researching endless websites on milking goats I decided it was time for me to milk her.  My handy 20 yr old son made me a brand new goat milking stand and so I figured I was in business!  I had read of plenty of people who got milk from their goats while still sharing with the babies so I firgured I could do it too.  After milking for about a week and getting less than 1 c of milk at each milking I decided something had to be done.  Either I was out of the miling business before I started or I needed to do something about those babies.  I don’t have the space yet to separate them so I went in search of some kind of cover to put on Gretta’s (that my goats name) udder to keep her babies (Star and Sparkle) off her so I can get some milk.  Here we are in June and I’m still fighting with the babies for the milk.  The babies are now 5 months old and shoud be weaned anyway.  One of the babies (Sparkle) has been weaned either by herself or by her mother I’m not sure but Star is still goobling up as much milk as her mother can produce and Gretta lets her!  I couldn’t find any ideas online to keep those babies off their mother so I went to my sewing machine to try to wip something up.  Here is what we have gone to calling the “Udder Cover”.  I’ve had to make various modifications since it was first designed and once I’m sure it is “kid” proof I will make one that is a little “prettier”  but so far it’s staying on. 

The silver grey “shocked” looking goat on the left is the little milk thief Star.  I think she’s saying “This is NOT over!”

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Isn’t she beautiful?

Meet Gretta, the matriarch of our goat heard.  She is a beautiful pure bread nubian milk goat.  We purchased her at a livestock auction back in march.  She came with her two female kids which we believe to be part boer goat (I’ll post pictures of them soon).  She is the sweetest, most personable animal we’ve ever had.  She loves people and loves to be with them.  Whenever she sees any of us in the yard she starts “baaing”  at us to come and see her.  She loves to go on walks down the dirt road and sample all the tasy plants along the way.  We’ve gone to calling this “goatdonalds”  because it’s like drive through fast food for goats.  Anyway we love her and have greatly enjoyed having goats.  I’ll post more on their antics and character as time goes on.  If any one is considering getting a goat as a pet my recomendation is yes.  They are sweet, loving, attentive and smart.