Faith Family and Feathers

Fun on the farm with faith and family


Hi.   I live with my husband and two of my four children.  The other two are grown and out on their own already.  On our acreage we raise chickens, ducks, turkeys, bunnies and goats.  We also have one dog and two house cats.  (I’d better not forget to mention the two hearty gold fish).  I wanted to start blogging to put some of the ideas and creativity in my head out there to the world.  My friends call my “earthy” because I like to do things that are as natural as possible.  I do that by planting a garden and canning the produce,  doing most of my own baking,  using as many cloth products as possible instead of disposable paper products and many other things which I hope to share with you on this blog.  I love my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and and strive to know him more and pray others will see his grace and love through my life.  I also plan to blog about what the Lord is teaching me in hopes that someone somewhere can find some freedom in knowing that they are not the only one going through something.  I hope you enjoy this blog and find many things to interest you.


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