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This Weeks Menu

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Here is this weeks menu plan.  This week is a very busy week in the evenings because VBS (vacation Bible school) started last night.  So I’m trying to plan suppers that will take minimal prep but still make my family feel like they are being cared for.  Some of the items may appear to take lots of prep (like the lasagna) but last time I made the item I made an extra and put it in the freezer for just this type of week.

Monday – Lasagna (made two last time and put one in freezer) and broccoli

Tuesday – French Dip and salads

Wednesday – Oven roasted chicken and corn on the cob.

Thursday – chicken salad using the leftover chicken from Wednesday night.

Friday – Tatertot casserole

Saturday – Mock Fillets , sliced potatoes and carrots on the grill.

Sunday – Buffet of leftovers (hopefully) or grilled burgers.



Author: faithfamilyandfeathers

Hi everyone. My name is Brenda. I am 41 and live in South Dakota with my 4 children (19, 17, 12 boys & 6 finally a girl!) and my husband. We have been married for 20 years and lived in the country for the last 16 years. My husband owns a road contrating business and I quit my job as an accountant 10 years ago to manage the bookkeeping side of his business and to spend more time with my family. We raise chickens and turkeys and just added ducks, bunnies and nubian milk goats (I love them!) the kids, the bunnies will be in (or near) their baskets on Easter morning.) I like about anything that makes us more self sufficient. I beliving in making as much of my families food from scratch as possible to control what goes into it. I try to reuse things as much a possible to reduce waste. With my last child I discovered the ease of cloth diapers and fell in love. I made all of her diapers and now give cloth diapers to all my friends having babies. I like crafting in general. Sewing, crochet, needle point, and recently I learned the art of soap making (love it). My husband and I both enjoy home improvement and remodeling. HGTV is my favorite TV station. I keep a nice size garden and like to freeze and can good things to enjoy all winter long. This year I'm planting sugar beets and will try to make my own sugar (without all the chemicles). My husband is a hunter so we enjoy making jerkey from the venison he gets. I'm active in our community by helping in the school and leading Bible study at church. I just love people and love to talk. I hope you enjoy this site and find many great tidbits related to faith, family or feathers. God Bless, Brenda

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